Casey is a vital member of Palmer Painting, contributing to the company's stellar reputation. He takes pleasure in visiting job sites, ensuring meticulous finishing touches that define the brand's commitment to excellence. Casey excels in building strong customer relationships, prioritizing

Tony, Vice President at Palmer Painting, brings over a decade of paint industry experience, fluent in both Spanish and English. Beyond work, he enjoys golf, gym sessions for a healthy lifestyle, and values family time with his two kids. Tony's

Nick brings over 7 years of paint and management experience from Sherwin Williams. Beyond his professional achievements, he's an avid marathon runner and a strategic board game enthusiast, particularly excelling in Risk tournaments. His diverse skill set and competitive spirit

Hunter, One of the Drywall Manager’s for Palmer Painting & Drywall, is a seasoned professional with an entire career dedicated to the drywall industry. Renowned for his keen eye for detail, Hunter plays a crucial role in ensuring the highest

Jada Hehr brings strong management skills and a knack for organization to her role as Office Administrator at PalmerPainting and Drywall. Beyond work, she enjoys quality time with family and friends, caring for her animals, including exotic pets, and indulging

Carlos, with three years at Palmer Painting as a Paint Project Manager, thrives on teamwork and excellent communication within the company. Beyond his dedication to work, he cherishes time with family, playing tennis, and outdoor walks. An active church member,

Bradley, Director of Operations at Palmer Painting, brings 6+ years of operations experience and a strong tech background. Passionate about technology, he excels in streamlining processes. Beyond work, Bradley enjoys the gym for a healthy lifestyle, values family time, and

With a strong educational background from Winona State, Noah is not only a seasoned professional in the field of estimation but also a dedicated customer satisfaction advocate. Noah understands the importance of clear communication and collaboration, working closely with clients