What’s ILVA?

ILVA is a high-end Italin made water based enamel that’s become quite popular lately…..So what exactly is ILVA? ILVA watebourne finishes are used for many applications, including furniture, kitchens, architectural millwork, flooring, and steps. They are noted for their low odor, no off-gassing, no flammability, meeting green environmental standards, and ultra-low VOC’s.

ILVA offers a group of products including stains, clear sealers and topcoats, white primers and topcoats. These include products that can be used with and without cross -linkers. Available also are 2-package polyurethanes for improved performance.

Various sheens are available and color matches can be done to meet customer requirements.

These products are expensive, but when applied right, leave perfect, flawless finish. They also require hardeners and it’s important the applicator has extensive experience and training.