Are you having trouble deciding between water based enamel or oil based enamel? You’re not alone! The benefits of water based enmael are they clean up in water, have far less odor, have shorter recoat times (allowing your painting project move quicker), and do not yellow over time.  Some of the drawbacks of water based enamel is the difficulty in touching-up, not a perfectly smooth finish, and can lack some of the natural beauty often seen in an oil based finish.

Oil based enamels have better abrasion resistance, dry harder, leave a smoother finish, and are much easier to touch up. You sacrifice having an odor free home during and shortly after the application period, and oil based enamels tend to slighly yellow over the years.

Are you having trouble deciding between water based enamel or oil based enamel? Ready some of the benefits and drawbacks to each.


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